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Sample Webapplication in Go

Sample Webapplication in go, create a kind of skeleton for monolith webapplicaion. Useed to create a small MVP Project.


Create (self contained) pkg for a group of pages. The pkg included the View and Go files for the Pages e.g. user pages.

Including Packages


Global Layout

The "globale layout" is put arround each response from a pkg web response. It read the response buffer from and use the content to parse the layout.tmpl. It works via middelware




Its possitlbe to execute the migrations via go run ./ migrate. It execute the migration files in database/migrations/*.sql

One Binary

Everything (include templaes and migration) can be added in one binary

Make commands

  • build -> Build webapp
  • init-dev -> Start docker copose
  • run-dev -> Run Webapp with reload if someting is change (air)

Docker Image

Next Steps

  • conifg per env
  • argument config?
  • make nice user register and login page
  • make nice