To Manage multible Freenet-Funk Sim Cards from the Computer (via Webpage).
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Funk Manager

Funk-Manager is a Python Web-GUI to Manage multible Freenet Funk SIM-Cards. Its a Python Project use the inoffical freenet-funk-api.

With this WebGui you can manage all your Sim Cards at one place without logging in and out in your Freenet Funk app. Also you can set a Default Plan where the Software always switch back to if for some reasons your current Plan changed (e.g. you can set it on Break, Funk will end the Break after 14 days, the software will start a new break the next day). Also you can define Special-Days in the furute where you want to switch to another Plan so e.g. you can set it for some Weekends to unlimit.


You have a list of your Funk-Contracts


And you can see your Contract-Details:




Clon this Project and build the Docker container

git clone ssh://
docker build -t funk-manager .

than you can run it

docker run -p 5000:5000 funk-manager

You can open it in your Browser by go to http://localhost:5000


You need to setup python3, pip3 and python3-setuptools on your System. Than you can clone the Projekt and install the Requirmentes

git clone ssh://
pip3 install requirements.txt

to start it just start the


You can open it in your Browser by go to http://localhost:5000


You can add a Basic-Auth to the Webgui by setting 3 enviroment Varieables

Enviroment Variable Description
FUNK_USER HTTP Basic Auth Username
FUNK_PASS HTTP Basic Auth Password
FUNK_AUTH Must be set (e.g. to one) to enabled Basic-Auth

Also you can change the Path of sqlite Database file with the enviroment variable FUNK_DATABASE e.g. if you want to save it in the tmp folder FUNK_DATABASE=/tmp/funk.db

Update Interval

In this interval the cron will update the current plan and send changes to FUNK. If you want to change it set the numer in secounds to the env FUNK_UPDATE_INTERVAL.