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vaivars 5ad3d0fce5
Update Auth0 scope to use profile and email
Auth0 implementation is currently broken, since you can not get email from just the openid scope.
4 years ago
Kasper Rynning-Tønnesen b72875b69e Update Dataporten.php 7 years ago
Kasper Rynning-Tønnesen 42f4347776 Added dataporten service 7 years ago
Steve Nolen 4c7f12a898 Add keycloak as identity provider 7 years ago
German Lena 69d9f82991 Added Auth0 as an Oauth2 IdP (Oauth2) 7 years ago
Andreas Gohr 278ded771c Yahoo API: request JSON responses 9 years ago
Andreas Gohr a90c044eb2 added a generic oAuth2 Adapter and implemented a Doorkeeper example 9 years ago
Andreas Gohr 3df85f0193 fixed Github API version pinning
9 years ago
Andreas Gohr 4e1ba47a47 Merge commit '847b222bd4021267176431c6d8f14de15624fc56' as 'phpoauthlib' 9 years ago